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Research progress
Researchers Accomplish Controlled Growth of Polymer Brushes through Electrochemically I...
Research Reveals Influence of Molar Concentration of Ionic Liquid Electrolyte and Tempe...
XUE Qunji Receives 2011 Tribology Gold Medal
Condolence on Death of Prof. C Kajdas
LICP Publishes Review on Surfaces with Extreme Wettability and Tunable Adhesion
First Scientist from China Receives 2011 Tribology Gold Medal
LICP Researchers Develop New Way to Enhance Tribological Properties of GO/UHMWPE Compos...
LICP Prepares Textured Diamond-like Carbon Composite Film for Water Lubrication
Researchers Prepare Super-hydrophobic and Super-oleophobic Surface
Professor WU Chao from Xi’an Jiaotong University Delivers Lecture at LICP
Delegates from Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. Visit LICP
LICP and Shandong Kasong S&T Corporation Establish Joint Laboratory for Lubricating Mat...
Professor LIU Zonghuai from Shaanxi Normal University at LICP
Celebration Activity for Professor XUE Qunji’s Winning of 2011 Tribology Gold Medal He...
2012 Enlarged Meeting of Standing Directors of Tribology Institute of Chinese Mechanica...
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